French manufacturer of natural and organic food supplements

Today, our little voice is gaining an ever increasing audience since many patients and practitioners are realizing that health and well-beingcare and preventionmedication and nutrition actually share common grounds.

By comprehensively taking into account the individual and his environment and by not opposing science and nature, we have a much better chance of overcoming the challenge of health for all in the 21st century.





Some of our products are already sold in several countries in and outside Europe and we wish to build partnership with selected distributors to expand our international presence.

We focus our developments on innovative natural ingredients looking for synergies of active principles in our formulations.

Our certified organic plants, whether they be wild or cultivated, are issued directly from short chains of small French producers and are processed by us in a manner respectful of the intrinsic quality of the product.

All our products are produced in France in up to date facilities, with the best quality standards. All our products are strictly conform to European and French Legislation standards.

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