Echinacea, Elder, Thyme - IMMUNITY

Contributes to the proper function of the body ́s defensive system.

A synergetic combination of 3 plants known for their traditional use in Phytotherapy, extracts in a syrup.


Produced in France.

Ingredients:  Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea): 14ml / Elder (Sambucus nigra): 14ml / Thyme (Thymus vulgaris): 7ml  / Simple syrup: 165ml

Dosage: 3 spoons per day

Packaging:  Bottle of 200 ml

Public price: 17€


All our products are produced in France in up to date facilities, with the best quality standards. All our products are strictly conform to European and French Legislation standards. 


Our certified organic plants, whether they be wild or cultivated, are issued directly from short chains of small French producers and are processed by us in a manner respectful of the intrinsic quality of the product.


Our products are sold in France mainly through medical prescription and mostly distributed in pharmacies throughout the country.


Some of our products are already sold in several countries in and outside Europe and we wish to build partnership with selected distributors to expand our international presence.

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